JLIC is not just one program. It is a dynamic community providing full-service Jewish life to all comers, regardless of background or observance level. In addition to weekly Shabbat meals, holiday celebrations, and life-cycle events for students and alumni, there are a number of Wonderful Programs that JLIC at UCLA puts on.


Here are just a few:

  • Pizza & Parsha
    Pizza & Parsha on Thursday Nights regularly attracts 30-40 students from various backgrounds and observance levels to hear a shiur on the weeks Parsha from a visiting rabbi. Students indulge in delicious kosher pizza and listen to a high-level analysis of the week's torah portion. Past speakers have included Rabbi Elazar Muskin, Rabbi Steven Weil, and Rabbi Asher Brander. The shiur is usually followed by a Maariv Minyan.

  • Law School Lunch & Learn
    Rabbi Kaplan delivers a weekly lesson at the UCLA Law School Jewish law students to help them understand the rich legal heritage that exists in Judaism and the religion's impact on their legal practice and personal lives. Students regularly discuss controversial and exciting topics pertaining to Jewish law.


  • Weekday Minyanim
    Students come together for a Shacharit minyan 5 days a week in the UCLA Hillel Beit Midrash. Rabbi Kaplan organizes rides and makes sure the minyan runs smoothly for a razor-sharp 8:50 finish, allowing students to both Daven with a Minyan and make it to their 9:00am classes on time. Several days a week also have Mincha and Maariv minyans, depending on availability and demand.


  • Women's Rosh Chodesh Program
    Organized by Rebbetzin Sharona Kaplan, these monthly celebrations bring together 30-40 UCLA women to indulge in sweets, participate in new activities, and discuss Torah as it pertains to their lives, and just have some good ol' fashioned girly fun! Recent Themes have included Tevet - Tostadas & Pinatas, and Adar Rishon - Yoga & Yogurt!


  • Noosha Joon
    This Lunch & Learn on Wednesdays brings in about 25 Persian students to discuss Torah topics. Conducted in a democratic fashion, the groups gets to hear whatever the group wants! Rabbi Kaplan takes votes and delivers a Shiur (sprinkled with farsi jokes) the following week on the topic of choice. Past topics have included Sexuality in Judaism, and the importance of Belief in Kavana in Jewish practice.


  • Gourmet & Gemarra
    This Bi-weekly shiur brings together Gourmet cuisine, 15-20 men, and a high-level textually intensive Gemarra Shiur. One of the highlights of JLIC, this 9pm Chebura held at Rabbi Kaplan's home lets men discuss the issues they want, and listen to student-delivered Gemarra lessons. Rabbi Kaplan assists in the compilations of the Shiurim, as well as breaking out the Barbeque every now and again!